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Zimoun is best known for his installative, generally site-specific, immersive works. He employs mechanical principles of rotation and oscillation to put materials into motion and thus produce sounds. For this he principally uses simple materials from everyday life and industrial usage, such as cardboard, DC motors, cables, welding wire, wooden spars or ventilators. For his […]

Akhira Sano

Based in Tokyo and focusing on the imperfections and irregularities of form and sound, Sano creates, observes, records, and extends them through drawing, graphics, installation, videography, and music composition. His major works include Penetrating, For Filtration (Important Records, 2019), Particle Dialogue – Observation and Recording (The Trilogy Tapes, 2022), Shadow’s Praise (IIKKI, 2023), and major […]


Between is a rotating collective of artists that began in 2012 one night at old ryokan in Kyoto, Japan. It is collaboration that brings artists, stories and memories together acutely distilling the essence of 12k’s mission and aesthetics into one project. Participants so far have included Taylor Deupree, Simon Scott, Marcus Fischer, Corey Fuller, Tomoyoshi […]


Asuna is a Japanese sound artist who has recently been reevaluated in the experimental music and art scene in recent years. Creating experimental music and installation work from a very young age during the late 90’s, he has gone on to become a pioneer within the experimental ambient / drone / improvisation scene in Tokyo, […]


Born in the mid-60s, German musician and sound designer Uwe Zahn came on the scene of electronic music with his debut full-length album for DIN, titled Atol Scrap. In the very same year of 2000, the influential City Centre Offices label has signed Arovane for his majestic Tides, which has withstood the test of time […]


Monogoto are Ian Hawgood, Porya Hatami, and David Newman.

Christopher Bissonnette

Christopher Bissonnette is a Canadian musician/sound artist/graphic designer living and working in Windsor/Detroit. He has released four full-length albums for the independent record label Kranky, a release through Russian label Dronarivm, and a collaborative recording with David Wenngren (Library Tapes) on Home Normal. Bissonnette has actively explored visual art, sound and video in a variety […]

This Valley Of Old Mountains

This Valley Of Old Mountains is Federico Durand and Taylor Deupree.


Ohio is a duo consisting of Taylor Deupree (New York) and Corey Fuller (Tokyo). Their debut album Upward, Broken, Always was released in 2019 and explored shared memories from their childhood upbringings in the state of Ohio.


In 1999, the electro-acoustic group Minamo was formed by Keiichi Sugimoto and Tetsuro Yasunaga. In 2000, minamo’s self-released CD-R “wakka” was reissued by the New York label Quakebasket. This release was selected by Matmos as one of best sounds in 2001 in The Wire magazine. In 2001 two new members joined, Yuiichiro Iwashita (guitar) and […]

Giuseppe Ielasi

Born in 1974, lives near Milan since 1990. Started playing guitar in 1988, and worked for many years in the area of ‘improvised music’ (long term collaborations with Renato Rinaldi in the duo Oreledigneur, Thomas Ankersmit, Michel Doneda, Ingar Zach, Dean Roberts). Between 1997 and 2006 he has performed live with Taku Sugimoto, Jerome Noetinger, […]

Tomasz Bednarczyk

Tomasz Bednarczyk (b.1986) is a musician living in Wroclaw, Poland. Since 2004 he has been writing compositions presenting new, pop qualities through his fragile sounds. He makes melancholy impressions on the basis of acoustic loops and surrounding, outward sounds. “…His compositions hold these sonic fragments up to the light, offering their geometry up for contempletation, […]