Asuna is a Japanese sound artist who has recently been reevaluated in the experimental music and art scene in recent years. Creating experimental music and installation work from a very young age during the late 90’s, he has gone on to become a pioneer within the experimental ambient / drone / improvisation scene in Tokyo, influencing and collaborating with many other Japanese electronic musicians. He has also released composition works a prolific number of albums from Europe, America and Japanese labels.

Alongside his first major work, Each Organ (2002), a sound installation reconsidering the concept of etymology, he also produces experimental composition works, recording with acoustic instruments and electronics under the title 100 Toys, a performance that uses many tiny toys to create a multi-layered and fascinating plastic universe of drones, loops, sonic moire and occasional pop implosions.

Asuna’s current touring work 100 Keyboards is a live music performance featuring over 100 keyboards. Multiple sound waves on the same frequency are diseminated in multiple directions, creating a complex distribution of acoustic pressure. This causes what is known as a moiré pattern of sound interference. In this site-specific listening experience, you will hear subtle variations of sound interference and resonance that vary based on your location in the performance space.

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