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Christopher Willits

Christopher Willits is a musician, artist and teacher based in San Francisco who believes that music and art can catalyze inner change. Willits creates meditative ambient electronic music created with guitar and voice, that is designed to overlap with his own cinematic audiovisual work. These immersive experiences of sound and light speak to a global […]


Jürgen Heckel, also known as Sogar, was born in Nuremberg in 1970 and has been living in Paris for 13 years. He started playing music when he was 19 and became part of several groups as a guitarist. He then got interested in creating and processing sound in unconventional ways. Thus Jürgen manipulates accidental sounds […]

Small Color

Small color are duo of Yusuke Onishi and Rie Yoshihara based in Yokohama, Japan. They create bright and emotional alternative pop music based on the guitar and voice with such nostalgic accents as the accordion, toy piano and the organ. Despite the heavy emphasis on acoustic instruments Small Color do not shy away from adding […]


Montréal plurimedia artists dominique t skoltz and herman kolgen are architects of intimacy: by grafting emotional fragments onto a digital support, Skoltz_Kolgen penetrate the membrane between organic matter and data. Working at this intersection of the intimate and the clinical, the artists develop new processes and techniques to explore technological and expressive possibilities. Their output […]

Doron Sadja

Doron Sadja is a New York based, Los Angeles bred sound artist working in spacialized sound and light composition and performance. Sadja co-founded Shinkoyo records and collective, as well as the Paris London West Nile performance space. He currently performs solo, with his group Symbol, as a duo with Mario Diaz de Leon, and in […]

Sebastien Roux

Sébastien Roux (born 1977) writes electronic music, and presents it in diverse formats, from CD’s and records, to public listening sessions, sound installations, sound walks, and radio pieces. In 2011 he began to develop an approach focused on principles of translation, analyzing the structures of pre-existing art works (visual, musical, literary) and transposing them into […]

Antti Rannisto

Antti Rannisto [b1978] is a Finnish minimalist whose ultra-spare sound was formed via a diverse background of various genres ranging from hip-hop to experimental music. He creates highly calculated music so stripped down to the basic elements that subtle shifts in panning, envelope, or phase become instruments in themselves. His palette is simple, pure, colorless, […]

Ghislain Poirier

Drawing from a wide range of tropical riddims and electronic music, the power of Montreal-based DJ/producer Poirier’s blasts through any flimsy attempt to classify his music. Pinpointing the bits and pieces of reggae/dancehall beats, soca energy and electronic intensity, this is a man who just understands what works in the dance. He tears through new genres […]


René Margraff (b. 1975) lives in Berlin, works for a well-known music software company and plays guitar. He started Pillowdiver in 2008.


A collaborative project between Nosei Sakata and Richard Chartier.


Motion is the solo project of the UK’s Chris Coode.


Rutger Zuydervelt, better known as Machinefabriek, lives in Rotterdam, The Netherlands. Started as Machinefabriek in 2004, he released 40+ small run home-made cdr’s as well as work for Type Records, Lampse, Digitalis, Staalplaat (Mort Aux Vaches) and now 12K. A double remix cd was released in 2007, with interpetations by Alva Noto, Pita, Mitchell Akiyama, […]