12k presents Australian duo Solo Andata along with their second album, self-titled. Translated literally from the Italian as “one way”, Solo Andata portrays the theme of a one-way journey that moves from (and represents a thread between) water and land, fluid/stasis, cold/hot. Following Solo Andata’s debut album Fyris Swan (Hefty, 2006) and their 12k inception on Live in Melbourne, Solo Andata presents us with an ambient affair, with dark drones coupled with ethereal sonic environments.

It could be said that Solo Andata is carefully sequenced to a narrative structure: beginning on boat in the cold, arctic night of “Ablation,” and then ending on foot in the hot wilderness of “Woods, Flesh, Bone.” However, concepts and narratives that seem clear to the artists are often left oblique to the listeners. This is perhaps why Solo Andata represented this narrative in a strict sense by recording what the titles literally refer to. For example, “Woods Flesh, Bone” presents us with sweltering woodlands, the sound of a fresh carcass being torn apart and the clattering of bones. The same can be said of “Hydraulic Fluctuations,” “Canal Rocks,” “Ablation” and “In the Light Storming.” These organic sources, then, help tie music and concept together.

Solo Andata utilizes very little, if any, electronic instruments. Acoustic guitar, piano, cello and the natural resonances of organic materials (usually by way of a violin bow, pluck, or home-made contraption) become their main instruments, and as their live shows often attest to, Solo Andata can turn almost any object into an instrument capable of producing beautiful, other-worldly music.

Solo Andata is being released simultaneously with Look For Me Here (12k2014), a limited edition CD-Single that contains the album mix of “Look For Me Here” as well as remixes from legendary Japanese musician Ryuichi Sakamoto and 12k’s visionary Giuseppe Ielasi.

Solo Andata was created between Perth, Western Australia, Melbourne, Victoria and New York City.


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Solo Andata

Solo Andata is an Australian electro-acoustic duo comprised of Kane Ikin and Paul Fiocco. Known for their experimental compositions, they skillfully blend field recordings, acoustic instruments, and electronic processing. Their music encompasses haunting and suspenseful elements while also exuding calm and reflective moments. Through their collaborative process, their artistic vision is rooted in integrating diverse objects into their sound world. Samplers, tape machines, synths, and guitars are seamlessly combined with unconventional elements like horse shoes,…

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