Interludes is a companion album to Ohio’s debut LP Upward, Broken, Always (12k2042). The seeds for these durational pieces were planted during one of the final editing sessions of Upward… – the accidental muting of a majority of the musical tracks of the first song “Apeiros” left only a ghostly minimum of ambience playing. Immediately seeing the strength of this Ohio’s Taylor Deupree and Corey Fuller set out to create two more of these “interludes” from full tracks on the album. These three songs provide the closure for each side of the (three-sided) LP release.

The interludes remained quite short on the album but the languid, abstracted nature of their compositions true calling was to be extended out into longform pieces, and, thus, Interludes was born.

Spanning upwards of 20 minutes each, these pieces are an exhale from the often intense and cathartic anima of the original album. They offer a deeper journey into the nostalgic exploration of those distant Ohio memories, looping and trailing into vapor.



Ohio is a duo consisting of Taylor Deupree (New York) and Corey Fuller (Tokyo). Their debut album Upward, Broken, Always was released in 2019 and explored shared memories from their childhood upbringings in the state of Ohio.

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