Taylor Deupree and Corey Fuller return with a new entry into their Ohio project’s Drift Series. These releases explore longform works centered around very specific and pre-defined instrumentation that become deep meditations with a very minimal sound palette. 2022’s Drift Of Summer was a 31-minute exploration of the famous Arp-2500 synthesizer. Within its deep, pulsing repetitions lay echoes of of the beginnings of electronic music from the sonic laboratories of the 1950s and 60s.

On Drift Of Autumn the duo pair up for a single, improvised live take on an upright piano and a Nord Lead 1 synthesizer. This is a piece about contrast and change during the most beautiful and dramatic of seasonal crossover. Jarring and fragmented digital noises from the Nord punctuate gentle, sparse block chords from the piano as the piece unfolds over its 20 minute duration. There is an equal sense of both serenity and tension as Corey and Taylor play off of each other as if they carefully, yet unsuccessfully, try not to break the silence.

Drift of Autumn is dedicated to Ryuichi Sakamoto, whose Yamaha upright piano was used on this recording and whose spirit will forever live within the notes.

Album Credits

Recorded at 12k by Corey Fuller & Taylor Deupree
Edited at The Bunker, Tokyo
Mixed & mastered at 12k by Taylor Deupree



Ohio is a duo consisting of Taylor Deupree (New York) and Corey Fuller (Tokyo). Their debut album Upward, Broken, Always was released in 2019 and explored shared memories from their childhood upbringings in the state of Ohio.

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