Originally released in 2003 on the Apestaartje label, “Beautiful” is just aptly named. As the clicks-and-cuts scene started to humanize, Minamo were at the forefront combining acoustics into the DSP-driven techniques of the time. 12k is happy to make “Beautiful” available again along with a new track, “Hum,” that wasn’t available on the original release.

Album Credits

Computer, Electronics: Tetsuro Yasunaga
Guitar: Yuichiro Iwashita
Guitar, Computer: Keiichi Sugimoto
Keyboards, Saxophone: Namiko Sasamoto

Remastered by Taylor Deupree @ 12k



In 1999, the electro-acoustic group Minamo was formed by Keiichi Sugimoto and Tetsuro Yasunaga. In 2000, minamo’s self-released CD-R “wakka” was reissued by the New York label Quakebasket. This release was selected by Matmos as one of best sounds in 2001 in The Wire magazine. In 2001 two new members joined, Yuiichiro Iwashita (guitar) and Namiko Sasamoto (sax, organ), to make the band a quartet. In 2002, first CD album “.kgs” has released by the…

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