Review of Solo Andata [12k1056]

Xlr8r (US)

It’s tough to top this album’s closing horrorshow. For the 10 minutes of “Woods Flesh Bone,” the Australian ambient duo known as Solo Andata recorded a stroll through a forest where ominous guitar drones and queasy, gurgling liquid noises cut through the wilderness. The rest of the album is bathed in otherwise placid dronescapes crafted from acoustic and homemade instruments. The immaculate “Canal Rocks” is a murmur of drifting tones that pass through fog-lathered static, while “Beyond This Window” continues the sleepwalk amid glistening keyboard chords and crashing wave noises. All is well, until “Woods Flesh Bone” jumps out of the bushes and spoils everything. Nice set-up.

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