Review of After [12k1017]


An interesting experiment, After arose from the residue of a laptop jam between Kim Cascone, Richard Chartier, and Taylor Deupree last spring at Montreal’s Micro_Mutek event. Titled “Cascone + Chartier + Deupree,” the piece moves through perhaps five moods in twenty minutes, showcasing Cascone’s abrasive static tendencies, Chartier’s obsession with near-inaudible bass and crystalline sound flashes, and Deupree’s love of loops and sinewaves. To round out the release, each contributor used material from the improvisation to fashion their own through-pieces: Cascone’s “New World Rising (New Density Mix)” is tone-signal beeping and metallic static from the end of the original; Chartier’s “Afterimage” is textured but quiet bass and glints; and Deupree’s “4+2_Stil Live” develops significant tone structures that add depth to the original concept. All in all, After is an intruiging compositional study. – heath k. hignight

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