Review of After [12k1017]

Vital Weely (NL)

Kim Cascone, Richard Chartier and Taylor Deupree on one night must be for the laptop freaks a dream becomes true. If they end up playing (improvising) together, I assume a wet dream becomes true. They did it last year at a small festival Micro Mutek in Montreal. They wouldn’t be good laptoppers, if they didn’t decide to rework the material by each one afterwards. So we get here the full improv concert, followed by three smaller re-creations. The joint concert goes from using the sound of matrix printers to a densely layered rhythm piece (almost Pan Sonic/Goem inspired) and in the second half some sort of sound processing for electro magnetic sounds. The second half I thought to be less inspired. Kim Cascone’s rework is the shortest, but he seems to be putting all the sounds on top of eachother and makes the waves more dense. It seems that Richard Chartier does the exact opposite. His near silent piece doesn’t seem to use any sound from the improv at all, but I’m sure that’s all aural illusion. From all the silent people I know, Chartier is one of the better. His sound may not be there, but for sure it is there. Last is Taylor Deupree. He takes a tick, builts from that as if it were a rhythm and then start slowly to add subtle layers of sound. From the improv part, I think it’s multi layered rhythm piece that got him going most here. A dense, creepy and intense piece. A fine showcase of possibilities here.

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