Review of Mit Ohne [12k2010]

Vital Weekly (NL)

More music for exhibitions (see also Blood Stereo elsewhere) is produced by Steinbruchel and this is more like what you could expect from such things, all multi and all media. It’s an exhibition which you can no longer visit since it’s from 2003 where Steinbruchel composed seven short pieces of images by Yves Netzhammer. It’s of course never easy to tell what they looked like if we only get one side of the story. What’s interesting to see of course is that 12k now also moves into releasing CD singles as this is just 18 minutes and 36 seconds. Tracks flow without pauses into eachother. The seven pieces are trademark pieces for Steinbruchel – delicate, soft, glitchy, drone like with a bit of crackles here and there. If you wouldn’t know what microsound is all about, then these 18 minutes and 36 seconds could exactly sum up what it is about. It doesn’t offer anything else which to some, perhaps me included, nothing new under the sun, but these pieces of clustered tones are best played on shuffle and repeat, so that your room will be constantly filled with slow moving sounds that change quite quickly, but will provide a constant ambient sound.

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