Review of Mit Ohne [12k2010]

Temporary Fault (BLOG)

Apparently, Steinbrüchel is unable to bring into being less than stimulating music. This short record – the audio counterpart for Yves Netzhammer’s 3-D visual installation The Feeling Of Precise Instability When Holding Things – consists of about 18 minutes of warmly digitized emissions which persistently shift and recombine, individuating their brain-relieving raison d’être in narcotic sequences applied to chiaroscuro settings, immaculate frequencies and stretched out tones similar to bell-like elongations or metamorphic virtual realities producing incessant awe in total aural fulfilment. The ever-present symmetries and glowing beauty of this artist’s sonic kingdoms, derived from “particles of melodies searching for space to breathe”, are once again enough for me to classify the work as tremendously charming, and – particularly in this circumstance – perfect for personal utilization independently from the original context. An instantly identifiable class that never betrays, enhanced by a not excessive productivity that, together with the sheer intensity of the sounds, places the Swiss composer/architect light-years distant from the late-coming hordes of laptop rapists.

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