Review of Solo Andata [12k1056]

Smallfish (UK)

It’s fair to say that I’ve been eagerly awaiting this album in a pretty large way. Although I haven’t heard a lot of Solo Andata’s music, the track that appeared on the Live In Melbourne 12k release was fantastic and I hoped I’d hear more. Well, here’s the full length release from this duo and I have to say it’s astonishingly beautiful in every way.

From the cello laced opening track with it’s incredibly detailed, yet completely flowing sound right through some of the most downright gorgeous textured works and on into some absolutely charming guitar-led moments this is an album that screams quality and depth at every turn. There’s a gently introspective feel that pervades this work – it’s sad and melancholy but has twists and turns that take it into more robust territory every now and again with tense guitar drones and fuzzed out layers, but they manage to feel restrained and never overwhelm you. Sound design is frankly stunning and there are some wonderfully dislocatory elements that work in the background in a seemingly huge stereo field.

Ultimately this is an album that I don’t want to break down too much as it’s the combination of everything coming together into a musical journey that makes it so very special. I could talk about each individual track but I strongly believe that it would do it an injustice. What you need to know is that altogether it’s melodic, dense, refined, beautiful, powerful, organic… really, everything I could want and hope for from a contemporary electronic work.

It’s stunning from beginning to end and yet another massive recommendation. Don’t miss out on this one.

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