Review of Reihen [12k2053]

Silence and Sound (FR)

Album after album, Uwe Zahn aka Arovane polishes a world in suspension, where the evanescence of matter merges with dust, microscopic elements transformed by the alchemy of his personality.

Following on from Wirkung, released earlier this year, Reihen explores the spaces buried between time and movement, serene swayings emerging from dreamlike cosmos with random and caressing trajectories.

Since its inception, Arovane has never ceased to construct atmospheres parallel to ours, magnifying mirrors of the infinitely small, finding a way out through his music.

In the tingling of its ambient nourished by electronica and spectral IDM, Arovane offers us a moment of inner tranquility, a hypnotic journey towards tactile surfaces leaping in the distant echoes of a broken melancholy. Superb.

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