Review of Reihen [12k2053]

Radio National de España (ES)

Arovane, a well-respected artist on the German electronic scene, active since the early 2000s, with releases on City Center Offices and DIN at the height of the IDM and microsound years. Since then, he has released work with n5MD, PureMagnetik, and A StrangelyIsolated Place, among others.

In November 2021 he delivered “Reihen”, an album that takes his trademark pointillist synthetic structures and impeccable sound design and places them in a web of fragility, decadence that feels like a new direction for Zahn.

Reihen came about in the spring of 2021 when Zahn was experimenting with a specific grouping of small devices and effects, creating asynchronous loops and working without a specific tempo. The idea of ​​time without time, chance and inaccuracies strongly converged in this limited framework that he had created.

As Zahn himself states: “Microstructures are created. Noises between the tones. Raw, amplified and distorted, revved up and crackling intermodulated oscillators, silence and erupting waterfalls of sound. That was the basis of the album.”

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