Review of Folding, And The Tea [12k1021]

Neural (IT)

The dismemberment of a guitar sound can be all consuming and exciting at the same time, expecially if its metamorphosis is being treated by Christopher Willits. Currently living in Chicago, this young artist (also active in the fields of painting, sculpture and video art) has been able to create a ‘relentlessly’ beautiful and original album. Deconstructing guitar chords in a indeterminate way, he has then structured these sixteen tracks on the border of melody and glitch by sudden intuition. So you can go through peaceful rows of granular sounds (“Scrims”) or waver between clicks e acoustic intermittences (“Filtered Light”), dealing with the pure pleasure these sounds are able to convey. A real electroacoustic heaven which finds a commemorative moment to sweetness in the 18 seconds of “Drifting Below The Oak…”, as well as its obscure and melancholic side in “Fold, Refold, Folding Again”. An album not to be missed and bound to be remembered for a long time by the followers of the genre. – Michele Casella

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