Review of Salt og Vind [12k1094]

Nowamuzyka (PL)

Pjusk is a Norwegian project of Jostein Dahl Gjelsvik and Rune Andre Sagevik, who has been wearing various masks on the electronic scene since 2004. The new album called “Salt Og Vind” was recorded under the name Pjusk, but not as a duet but as a solo project of Jostein Dahl Gjelsvik. The second gentleman (Rune) supported his current partner only with one song “Jeg fryser litt”.

The title of the album means “Salt and Wind”. It is a simple, but at the same time poetic miniature of what aspect of nature is presented in the latest Norwegian material. A certain kind of austerity, coolness and overwhelming calmness is the sonic lens of what we deal with in the Scandinavian world.

While listening to “Salt og vind” two key words come to mind: “minimalism” and “space”. They constitute the basis for the entire spectrum of ultra-delicate sound effects, noises, crackles, rustles, irregular percussion loops, or samples (fragments of Olga Wojciechowska’s vocalizations and breathing in the piece “Ordene som blĂ„ste bort”). The artist in the world of ambient is quite famous, you can read about her “Infinite Distances” on the pages of our website in the list of Ania Pietrzak Worth listening to.

There are moments on “Salt og vind” in which a soft, repetitive rhythmic pulse flows. It has something of a gentle mantra, deep relaxation. The whole thing is very clean, light, transparent, devoid of dirty thickets, which allows Pjusek’s latest album to be included in the contemporary, experimental classical music. That is why this music resonates so consistently with Norwegian nature.

Mr. Gjelsvik’s icy ambient on “Salt og vind” relies on the laws and rules known, above all, to the unpredictable Norwegian nature. It is music for which rhythm is not necessary to flow, and its ephemeral appearance frees it even more, takes it off the ground.

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