Review of Sublunar [12k1072]

Norman Records (UK)

Now I remember liking this chaps gear last time I heard it. That Contrail single he did a while back was lovely! Sublunar is his first album proper after a joint collab with Library Tapes honcho David Wenngren (which I also liked!). So what’s his debut album like?

‘Europa’ is delicious. Nice deep bass sound with a slow yet skittery beat, angelic breathy vocal samples in the background and layer upon layer on fuzz and crackle. It’s almost like a slowed down old rave tune this one. Shifting straight onto ‘Titan’ with it’s hip hop beats and Tibetan sounding bells and aquatic vibe… mmm I’m loving this! It’s nice to hear something on 12K with beats in. Mind you there’s lots of beautiful beatless more ambient pieces on here. This guy creates really unique soundscapes and I think he’s rapidly becoming one of my favourite electro acoustic artists. He creates a lot of depth and feeling in his music which a lot of artists struggle to in this kind of music. Tracks like ‘Oberon’ are fine examples of this with a unique sound palette (I can’t even make out what half the sounds are!) but I know how it’s making me feel and that’s what’s it’s all about. Innit.

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