Review of Mit Ohne [12k2010]

Musique Machine (.COM)

Mit Ohne is a collection of shadowy vibe heavy electronic tone manipulations by Zurich based electronic and installation artists Ralph Steinbrüchel that were original conceived for a installation piece using 3rd animation of Yves Netzhammer.

This certainly is one of the darker more introspective releasers I’ve heard on the 12k label. The six pieces on offer are a series of dense often pressing slowly revolving and drifting electro gloomy vibe and bell tones, that are under fed by electronic crackle and texturing. They bring to mind been alone in vast abounded and powerless white officers as dusk weeps in soaking you in gloom and for some reason your fearful of what the night will bring. Or late night walks along people-less train platforms with the white neo hurting your eyes and through you can’t see anyone your sure your been watched. Steinbrüchel really manages to build up a grim feeling of dread and fear with- in the modern world.

And through the disk is fairly short in length coming in just under the 20 minute mark it feels the perfect length, as Steinbrüchel builds a very tangible and real feeling of modern dread, but it never feels over milk or dragged out in its intent. Really a very prime distilling of sonic paranoia and dread perfect for lonely late night walks through eerier cities scapes.

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