Review of Tail of Diffraction [12k1095]

Groove (DE)

Tonal humanism, emotional warmth of discreet, reserved characters, these are qualities that also apply to the sounds of the Japanese duo Minamo. With like-minded companion Naoyuki Arashi aka Asuna, who, like Keiichi Sugimoto and Tetsuro Yasunaga, began to establish a specifically Japanese, digital electronica sound in the late 90s, glitch but different, had rather gone into hiding over the past ten years, but recently became significantly more active again, with Tail of Diffraction (12K, June 24) they have created a sprawling ocean of small-scale euphony with Tail of Diffraction (12K, June 24) despite or perhaps because of the coolly rational, scientific track title, which, no matter how finely spun and unobtrusive it may appear, has its very special beauty never denied. Healing music may have become a cliché, but here one would like to once again firmly believe that it is possible.

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