Review of Sublunar [12k1072]

Gonzo (BE)

Is there anything better than the dry clack sound had a tape that has reached its end? Half of the Australian Solo andata share our observations, and processed heavily deformed cassette sounds a very attractive variation of ambient. Who now thinks a lot of white noise, has too little imagination. Naturally murmurs one and another heavily edited by the mix, but Kane Ikin put lots of glitches and noise in drones, sparse repetitive melodic echoes and above rhythmic passages. Also 78s and objects at all sucked. It would also be very easy for us to get on the sleeve predicted for this CD also real instruments were used. The analog approach provides a warm sound, and what we did bounce a quarter century ago alarmed, We are now inside a tear wegpinken: a speck of dust in the system, a crease in the tape, and so on. Touching and beautiful, and we encourage you to also moving with us to be!

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