Review of Let’s Make Better Mistakes Tomorrow [12k1055]

Foxy Digitalis (BLOG)

Thomas Bednarczyk’s latest release on the always attractive looking 12k is a voyage into fragile ambience and shimmering drones. It’s the perfect accompaniment to the minimal landscape photography of Joanna Kurkowska which adorns the packaging. While there is nothing particularly ground breaking about the sound that Bednarczyk is creating, he does so with a high level of sensitivity that rewards repeated immersions. Similar to Loren Chasse, Stars of the Lid, and a few other peak shimmering drone masters, the sounds here are soothing in an almost seductive manner- pulling the listener into a state of near sleep and warmth. It’s lovely stuff that features lots of slow swells of soft tones, textural crackling, and warm fuzz. If you are into material like this then you’ll love what Bednarczyk is doing. It might not be entirely unique, but it is effective- and combined with the beautiful digipack design, it’s a great total package. 8/10

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