Review of Two Lakes [12k1062]

Fat And Confused (BLOG)

Those won over by Annea Lockwoods epic “A Sound Map of The Danube” or even those that found it a little too epic will welcome the sound of the Seaworthy’s collaboration with Matt Rösner, Two Lakes is based upon…well fairly obviously sound recordings made at two lakes, namely Meroo and Termeil.

Like the aforementioned Annea Lockwood and maybe less “out there” contemporaries (less “out there” in the sense that their pieces tend to have a less tenuous connection to the art we know as music rather than literally being the sound of water, birds and all sorts of wildlife) such as Jana Winderen and BJ Nilsen, the sound here is very much at one with nature, the lush and tireless sound of water lapping and flowing, gentle winds causing delicate microphone static and the lovely drones that Matt Rösner has already made us familiar with once this year on his Repeat album.

Should you be unfortunate enough to be holed up in the city all autumn then maybe this might be your first step towards reminding yourself of the beauty of nature.

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