Review of Reihen [12k2053]

Das Filter (DE)

A few months ago my dear friend Uwe Zahn aka Arovane visited me. It was a kind of lay-over. He has just returned from the Baltic States – from a concert with Simon Scott, among others, which had taken place in a botanical garden. It was difficult. The water dripped from the glass roof down to the instruments. Everything went well. So we sat with me in the kitchen and immediately switched to the roof. The sun was shining and we were drinking coffee. He told me that he had just turned in an album for 12K. I adore this label very much – even if I don’t like everything on it. I really like the compositions that Arovane puts together here. That has less to do with our friendship than with the actual quality of the tracks. Careful, full of love for detail and the melody, Arovane brings things together here that have not been thought together for a long time. A shimmering fireworks display in the midst of the all-determining silence.

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