Review of Quite A Way Away [12k1070]

Concretamente (IT)

Language, words, concise sentences. The young Scottish singer-songwriter Gareth Dickson prefers a form of music is essential, bare as in words. When listening to Gareth, do not you think most of the words or their meaning, do not you think that’s it. Rather hear the real sounds of poetry that comes out of a well known tool, but more beautiful than ever, that the acoustic guitar. That’s right: the acoustic guitar, and many may be skeptical at first listen, un’ennesimo artist with the usual guitar, but the simplicity is just the most beautiful thing. The beauty of touch of the fingers touching the strings and almost perceptible vibration of the wood of the instrument is lovely. These are just some of the characteristics of the third album released in late February 2012, entitled “Quite A Way Away,” which consists of 8 tracks well bonded to each other. While listening to the disc, there is a real elegance as regards the harmonic structure of the pieces. Some tracks like ” Nunca Jamas ” are a perfect symbiosis of words and a gentle sound vague and airy guitar. Other tracks such as ” Noon “and” Harmonics “are focused more on a compositional structure of type” ambient “. The reverb creates a nice background and keeps the delay, two perfect matches to process and remove any thoughts. Certainly the influence of known guitarist Nick Drake is clearly visible, but unlike the style of Drake, Gareth does not stop on the meaning of text. Its true peculiarity lies in spreading the style “Ambient”, thus a kind of mixture between Brian Eno and Robbie Basho (U.S. folk singer and musician), other major influences are: Aphex Twin, Bert Jansch and Glenn Gould. All melodies are strongly characterized by a “finger-picking” poignant and precise, “Two Trains” is definitely a song that reflects a more truthful in this review. The “sound” of this artist was confirmed as a true inspiration, voice is characterized by a “soul” very personal, that strikes anyone who hears it quickly.

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