Review of Let’s Make Better Mistakes Tomorrow [12k1055]

Brainwashed (.COM)

Let’s Make Better Mistakes Tomorrow is structured like a traditional LP, where the first five tracks are the side of the record emphasize shimmering, high frequency passages of treated guitar and piano before transitioning to the darker, murkier second side. “Shimokita” layers swirling bell-like tones over subtle field recordings of conversations, the ethereal layers of bell are paired with similar orchestral flourishes. “Raspberry Girl” floats along similarly, with drawn out harmonium/harpsichord-esque tones with minor changes throughout, the most notable of which is a subtle layer of digital static that doesn’t detract, but adds additional warmth to the already light piece.

Starting with “The Sketch,” featuring Adrian Klumpes, the disc beings to take an obvious darker turn. The gentle glassy tones from before are replaced with droning bass pulses, and even with the warmer synth passages the piece has a cold, distant feel. Dissonant piano playing is overshadowed by the glitchy/digital noise elements here, and jarring, harsh field recordings cut in just as the piano takes a turn towards the jazzy. The short “So” is similarly bleak, leaning again on the low end and processed/filtered noise is all around, though the purer tones stay the focus throughout. The closing “Night” is the culmination of this virtual “side” of the album, showcasing digital crackles with bass drones that, for all its darkness feels more mournful than tense or terrifying. The second half of this disc is the more dynamic one in my opinion, with the darker textures being more varied than the sustained, more rudimentary lighter ones on the first half.

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