Review of Reihen [12k2053]

Audion (UK)

Arovane is the work name of one Uwe Zahn. apparently best-known as an experimental IDM ambient artist. This release, however. is far removed from any type of dance music, being totally twisted electronica without any melodies. rhythms or conventional musical form. Superficially there’s an air of Brian Eno, Jeff Greinke, and other ambient explorers of the 1980s about it. yet Arovane’s creations seem to feature no actual instruments, with sounds cut up by mis-sampling, glitch fragmentation. spectral delay techniques. pitch shifting and granular synthesis. The music also makes much use of filtering, modulation, and reversed sounds. The 10 tracks cover quite a variety of moods. from low-fi and murky through to crisp sonically complex fabrics.

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