Noon is the first single from Gareth Dickson’s album Quite A Way Away and is available as a download from most online retailers.

Music Is Good (.org) has said:
“At times I am left with the sense that the center of the song itself is some third, unstated thing, a silent presence around which guitar and vocal respectfully circle, offering support and knowing gestures but not wanting to intrude too brashly. The lyrics also circle tentatively around absences, gesturing towards them more than reaching out and grasping. Absence, waiting, and reaching for connection are the dominant themes.”

Dickson’s hushed voice, sleepy, yet calculated finger picking and use of reverb and lo-fi recording mediums push this singer/songwriter into spacious, ambient territories. Noon comes with two previously un-released songs that are a beautiful addition to the 8 songs on Quite A Way Away and for any fan of his work.


Gareth Dickson

Over the last few years Gareth Dickson has been steadily working his way to the attention of the music community. Based around the acoustic guitar, his compositions employ effects (analogue delay and reverb) in an attempt to recreate something of the modern ambient/electronic musical landscape which in many ways characterises recent times, as well as referencing some of the well known fingerpickers of the past such as Nick Drake and Bert Jansch. Sometimes entirely instrumental,…

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