Seaworthy, a three piece collective that revolves around core member Cameron Webb as well as Sam Shinazzi and Greg Bird, was formed in early 2000 to explore melodic and experimental approaches to the construction (and unravelling) of minimalist sound scapes from looped guitar, warm drones, piano, electronics and field recordings.

The compositions often blur the lines of conventional categorisation with elements traditionally considered part of “indie” or “post” rock blended with processed musical and field recordings usually associated with electronic artists. Instruments and samples are often looped through amps and effects pedals, giving the sound an organic feel. Avoiding the muscular approach of loud/soft dynamics, Seaworthy concentrate on subtle shifts in melody, tone and texture to convey a sense of time and place.

Webb has a PhD in environmental science and specialises in field based ecological research where much of his time is spent in isolated wetland environments. Many field recordings undertaken in these locations form the basis for textural drones and rhythms from which guitar loops and percussion can be blended. Similarly, these environmental experiences form much of the inspiration for Seaworthy’s compositions and extend beyond the music into the aesthetic presentation of live visual projections and CD/vinyl packaging of their limited edition releases (often featuring silkscreened or lino printed designs on recycled cardboard, individually constructed sleeves).

Seaworthy’s debut album, It’s humbling when two saints meet was recorded in a suburban lounge room on a cassette 4-track and despite the relatively lo-fi approach to the record’s production, the results proved popular with local radio and received glowing reviews – providing the impetus to continue the project and pursue the possibilities of live performance. Seaworthy have been invited to perform with a wide range of Australian artists including Because of Ghosts, Triosk, This is your Captain Speaking, Sodastream and Grand Salvo, as well as international artists including Tujiko Noriko (Japan) and Pajo (USA).

As well as many releasing limited edition material (CDRs & lathe-cut 7”s) themselves, Seaworthy have worked with many local and overseas labels including Feral Media (Australia), Black Lodge Audio (Australia), Celebrate Psi Phenomenon (New Zealand), Misplaced Music (UK), 555 (UK), Marino (US) and Fat Cat (UK).



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