Matt Rösner

Matt Rösner is a sound artist from rural Western Australia. Being based in secluded isolation, his living and working space is currently a shack 300 metres from the Indian Ocean, has allowed Rösner to pursue an organic take on electronic music, using acoustic instruments and field recordings as the sound source in the majority of his works. Yet Rösner is still firmly entrenched in the technological age, his work as an industrial designer allows the influence of architecture, physics and modernism to creep into his production methods.

Drawing inspiration and influence from the colours, seasonal shifts and sounds of his surroundings, Matt Rösner aims to produce an immersive listening space, a space for reflection and quiet mediation.

Rösner has released records on room40, Apestaartje, Miatera/12×50 and Meupe, alongside various compilation releases on Australian and International labels.

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