Also known as the critically acclaimed artist Shuttle 358 on the NY based label 12k, Dan Abrams created quite a stir in the US minimal electronic scene with his debut release Optimal.lp in 1999 in which he seamlessly blended the soft sounds of ambient music with the granular aesthetics of modern digital minimalism. This release defined his style and gave birth to many imitators. With his Mille Plateaux debut Stream, Abrams makes further developments uncovering dance music’s archetype; be it techno, trance, drum ‘n’ bass or downtempo - and shows them in their most sublime state.

Abrams’ creative lifestyle extends beyond the recording studio in his work for Sony Pictures digital artistry division. He is also an accomplished graphic designer and was responsible for the creation of 12k’s now infamous laser-cut sleeve design for .aiff.

‘Dan Abrams’ first CD as Shuttle358 struck many listeners as a minor masterpiece, but Frame (his 2nd album) is even more accomplished, ranking alongside Aphex Twin’s SAW II and Eno’s Music for Airports in its evocation of imaginary space.’ - Alternative Press


Frame (Reissue)
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