M. Grig

M. Grig is Michael Grigoni, a multi-instrumentalist who specializes in dobro, lap steel and pedal steel guitar. Originally from the Pacific Northwest, he now lives in Durham, North Carolina.

With extensive credits as a session musician and composer for independent film, since moving to North Carolina he has released three instrumental albums, Field Notes, Still Lifes, and Millpond Way on Other Songs Music.

His music combines electric and acoustic textures, field recordings, and dense layering techniques. While he seeks to display the personality of the steel guitar in ways both familiar and strange, he also creates sonic landscapes in which the personality of the instrument is buried, at times to the point of erasure. His music has been described as “cinematic pastoral” (Stationary Travels), “meditative, evolving, expectant; a kind of slow Americana” (Le Devoir), and “the soundtrack of my inner thoughts” (Sawdust and Gin).

He credits his musical sensibilities to his graduate studies in ethnomusicology and theology as well as to the various places he has lived and traveled. He is currently pursuing a PhD in religion at Duke University.

Mount Carmel is his first release on 12k.

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