Review of Contrail [12k2022]

Wajobu (US)

This EP recording is a marvelous walking companion. Some pieces being better suited for the woods and the others for the exploration an old vacant factory. Kane Ikin is Melbourne, Australia-based and also one half of Solo Andata (this is KI’s first solo release outside of SA). The pieces are mysterious, hypnotic and transfer the listener to another realm. The recording is analog, tape-based and sounds vary from found, looped and sampled to plucked and percussive. There is an ethereal sense of a soft glare shimmering as sounds appear and dissolve. If one is fortunate enough to obtain a limited edition vinyl copy, it’s a real treat to see the care with which the 12K label takes in support of their artists.

When the EP arrived, I have to admit I was not sure at what speed to set my turntable. I inquired and the zen-like response from 12K made me laugh…but I had to ask, given a recent mistake I had made with another 12″ recording that I assumed was 33-1/3 RPM, but turned out to be a 45 RPM. THAT particular recording turned out to sound great either way, but it made better sense to my ears at the intended speed.

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