Review of Il N’Ya Pas De Sud… [12k1016]

Voir (CA)

Il N’y A Pas De Sud… is the first release from a artist of MontrĂ©al on the Brooklyn label 12k, created by Taylor Deupree, generally devote to hyper minimalism music, like “microscopic”. We say “generally” because the cd of Ghislain Poirier is really different from the the rest of the label by his melodic touch and a larger sound scape. The technical used are really minimal (an old PC, the minimun sound substance, so) but the sound give a good range (scope?). Circles bass lines, looped with many delay fx and echo, with some electronic crackles more rhythm oriented; and if we think about the german minimal dub, Il N’y A Pas De Sud… got is own sound geography. Not totally techno (but the title track was irrestible for dance), Poirier gives a warm wind into the cold minimalism. (Nicolas Tittley)

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