Review of Between [12k2026]

Vital Weekly (NL)

Oddly enough, halfway through this thirty-eight minute piece, the word that sprang to mind was ‘jazz’. Not because of its blearing saxophones, upright bass, hi-hats, but more about the way this music is played. Here we have five players, Simon Scott, Corey Fuller, Marcus Fischer, Tomoyoshi Date and Taylor Deupree together in Kyoto on October 8th of last year, captured during a concert. The duties are divided in electronics, voice, thumb piano, rhodes, guitar, electronics, lap harp, cassettes, electronics, x-pro1, percussion, synthesizer, bells and scrapes. Maybe it’s the use of the Fender Rhodes that gave me the idea about jazz? In these thirty-eight minutes everything floats by easily, slowly drifting like a calm sea with driftwood washing a shore (thumb piano, scrapes, percussion?), while others provide long form sounds (Rhodes, synthesizers, cassettes?) to keep on evolving all of the time. There is a particular hiss like quality about it, which I am sure is all intentional here.

Meditative, yet at times also a bit more experimental than you would expect. around the twenty-five minute mark there is scraping sound that is a bit odd and seemingly out of place, but it fits well in this sort of zen like music. There is a lot of fine stuff going on here, right between the cracks! (FdW)

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