Review of Tasogare: Live In Japan [12k2019]

Vital Weekly (NL)

In April 2010 a 12K showcase played two temples in Japan, bringing labelboss Taylor Deupree, Australia’s Solo Andanta and three Japanese acts, Minamo, Sawako & Hofli and Moskitoo. Highlights of these two nights are captured on this disc. Four of the bands, all save Deupree, use quite extensively acoustic instruments, ranging from guitars, glockenspiel and other assorted small percussion, to the voice of Sawako and a whole range of objects which are described in any way. Electronics are of course also part of it, but it seems that its never a lot, more like ornamental than playing big roles in this music. Maybe with Moskitoo’s piece things are more in balance, with computer processing of instruments. Field recordings also don’t seem to play a too big of a role here, maybe most in the piece by Solo Andata. Deupree’s piece is perhaps the only one which seems entirely based on electronics, but with a great warmth and delicacy to it. Each band/project gets about ten to twenty minutes here, which make it possible to get quite clear picture of what these people do in live concert. A fine document. (FdW)

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