Review of Tools [12k2018]

Vital Weekly (NL)

Giuseppe Ielasi is also a highly prolific composer. In his recent work, a series of 12″ for Schoolmap Records and the previous release for 12K, Aix, he has moved himself into the world of short, looped sounds, with some rhythmic structure. Especially the 12″s have been particular strong in that respect. On Tools he takes things a bit further. Ielasi uses objects and creates a musical piece of that. Each object, one piece and they are named after the object. So, we have ‘Cooking Pan’, ‘Rubber Band’, ‘Polystrine Box’, ‘Metal Rod’ etc. These seven tracks are short and to the point – this is a mini album of twenty minutes in length. He plays them by tapping on them, cutting small loops and present them as dance pieces, including breaks. Like Aix it has a strong groove to it, although I can hardly imagine people dancing to this. Each piece is simple straight forward, and could easily be used in a DJ set, although BPM’s are missing on the cover. The impact is perhaps not as great anymore as it was with Aix, but Ielasi delivers a very strong mini album, once again. Again, like SND did in their time, Ielasi uses the idea of dance music and redefines it. Excellent, once more.

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