Review of Hourglass [12k2015]

Vital Weekly (NL)

There you go: last week I muttered about the 12″ as the forgotten format for music not being techno, here is the second release to proof me wrong. Four tracks (ain’t that classic or what?) of music recorded by Savvas Ysatis and Taylor Deupree over the course of one week in Deupree’s country studio. They continue what they started on The Sleeping Morning (see Vital Weekly 597). Folktronic. And yes, by now, we are perhaps used to this idea this being on 12k. Deupree and Ysatis play two instrumental pieces, of warm acoustic and electric guitars, some spacious synthesizers and those psychedelic vocals on Ysatis in the other two tracks. His voice still sounds like that of Peter van Vliet from The Use Of Ashes: heldback and dreamy, and fits the music just perfectly (it would not be my cup of tea very much if this was spaced out rock music). An excellent work, once again, and while the impact of such a change isn’t as big as it was before, I must say this is yet another fine record. I am not sure if a full length is something I would want of this, but served in such a small dosis is just great. (FdW)

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