Review of Live In Melbourne [12k2008]

Vital Weekly (NL)

More Taylor Deupree here, but this time not as Ando but as Taylor Deupree. Last year he was in Australia to play some concerts and on his way his found his label mates Seaworthy and a new name Solo Andata (who released on Hefty before). They, being Paul Fiocco and Kane Ikin open up the CD with a piece in which they both play their laptop and small instruments, but it’s filled (filed?) with musical gestures. Cello and guitar are the ones we recognize, which are carefully processed as not to break the delicate ripples made by the instruments. It moves seemingly without any problem into the Seaworthy piece, a three piece of laptop and a real guitar. The guitar here comes to us unprocessed and tinkles nicely away, embedded, or rather immersed by a nice set of drones. A sort of condensed form of their CD, previously on 12k. Slowly things get more abstract for them but the piece looses its form a bit towards the end. Deupree, the master comes last and he does what he does best – the reason why I regard him as one of the masters of the genre. A relatively simple drone, sparse, organ like, with the sound of snowflakes falling about.

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