Review of The Sleeping Morning [12k2007]

Vital Weekly (NL)

This release entirely took me by surprise. Of course we know Taylor Deupree as a man of careful digital delight, and with some hard thinking we may remember Savvas Ysatis as the man behind SETI, Futique and Arc and recording for Tresor. But you would surely check the CD again when you start playing this. Deupree and Ysatis hadn’t been working for ten years, but recently Ysatis was back in the USA and during a week they recorded the four tracks on this CDEP. Delicate for sure, but the last thing I expected from these two is folktronic, yet it’s exactly that. Folktronic. Loose drums sounds, a bass line, some rattling percussion, a harmonium loop, a slide guitar, all embedded in a warm sound. And oh vocals! Apart from the releases on Happy, did we ever encounter vocals on a 12k release? Not that I can’t remember. The voice of Ysatis remember me of Peter van Vliet of Mekanik Kommando/Use Of Ashes; held back, controlled, psychedelic. Songs! Vocals!! Folktronic!!! on 12k? Yes, on 12k. This could have as easily be on Häpna, if you catch my drift. What a great move and of course this comes with an entirely new line of packaging. (FdW)

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