Review of The Endless Change Of Colour [12k1074]

Vital Weekly (NL)

We didn’t hear a lot from Marsen Jules, but three weeks ago we had his trio over here, now it’s time for a solo release. It’s one piece of music, forty-seven minutes long and it is ‘a generative music piece upon a single phrase of an old jazz record split into three audio streams. These streams are transformed into loops which break the original instrumentation down into sound resembling pure waves, harmonics and overtones’. Drone music in short. I like drone music, and that’s it. What else could I write? There is nothing here that I haven’t heard before and that’s fine. I like drone music. The only thing that I was thinking about – in a pure objective, non-music related way that is – is this: suppose this was the drone music created by someone nobody ever heard of, would it find it’s way to 12K as well? Or does it help if you a Marsen Jules with a string of releases on hip labels? I do risk to be called a cynic again. I rather call it skeptical. It says nothing about what I ┬áthink about the music. I think it’s a might fine slab of drone music, slowly changing and minimally evolving. Just as the things were, and will probably always be. Very nice. Marsen Jules or otherwise. I like drone music.

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