Review of Sleeping Pills [12k1054]

Vital Weekly (NL)

12k is never shy to sign up an entirely new act, which I guess is one of the more nicer things about the label. Rene Margraff (born in 1975) lives in Berlin and works for a well-known music software company it says on the press release (if I think and say out loud Ableton Live, I hope they make a nice donation to Vital Weekly – thank you) and plays guitar. Last year he started to play as Pillowdiver, armed with a guitar, looper pedals) or perhaps his own software and the nine pieces act as sleeping pills I guess – or perhaps its because I could some after a month of irregular sleep. Pieces last around three to six minutes and are based on a few loops, and mild distortions. It’s quite nice altogether as a sort of later at night relaxing music, but its hardly anything special I think. Nice, but not great. Is that enough to release something? It is to 12k, but I surely have my doubts here.

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