Review of A Colour For Autumn [12k1052]

Vital Weekly (NL)

If an artist releases a lot, it’s never easy to say in what order things were recorded and thus it’s difficult to pinpoint the development. Last week we reviewed It’s Up To Us To Live, which has no recording dates on it, this week its A Colour For Autumn, which is recorded between 2007 and 2009, but listening to the music the one from last week was finished later than this one. Last week’s release saw a shift to “louder” music, which is totally absent here. If that was an one-off event or perhaps a new direction, time will tell (next week, same place?), but A Colour For Autumn is the “old” Lawrence English, working with acoustic instruments, field recordings and electronics. Gentle music, ambient no doubt, microsound, and with the absence of glitch-tronics. The perfect music for a late night listening session. Sustaining tones, drone like, elegant music. Perhaps nothing new under the sun, but English does a great job here. Out of many refined moments, this is even more refined.

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