Review of Filaments & Voids [12k1050]

Vital Weekly (NL)

Music by Kenneth Kirschner has been reviewed before, and is usually distributed on CD or MP3. His recent MP3 release on Mikroton (see Vital Weekly 646) was a great one, since it showed an expansion of his soundworld. In that respect Filaments & Voids may be regarded as a set-back, perhaps. No real major surprises here, but rather a deepening of his own sound. Disc one has three pieces, and disc two just one piece, and each of the four pieces deal with the idea of silence versus sound – although that may imply a ‘struggle’, which it isn’t. Today it’s snowing over here, so best is to stay inside and listen to quiet music – music that is almost like snowflakes falling. Slow passages of ‘sound’ (piano? field recordings? software synthesis?) are mingled with slow passages of ‘silence’. It takes a while before the sound dies out and rise again, and in between there is silence, but perhaps its just the transition from one sound to another? Music like this needs a longitude to develop, sothe choice of two lengthy CDs is a normal one. Do nothing, and just listen, and watch the snow falling. Kirschner is the master of snow music, the Rotkho of sound.

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