Review of Map In Hand [12k1040]

Vital Weekly (NL)

At the same time 12k releases Map In Hand by Seaworthy, a three piece from Australia, who released a whole bunch of CDRs, lathe cut 7″s on such labels as Celebrate Psi Phenomenon, Misplaced Music, 555 and Fat Cat. Map In Hand was already released as a CDR in an edition of 128 copies by Feral Media. Seaworthy, being Camereon Webb (who seems to be the core member), Sam Shinazzi and Greg Bird, uses guitar, piano, electronics and field recordings. At the heart of the music are the guitar loops and drones it produces. They were recorded on cassettes and reel-to-reel tapes and later on transferred to the computer, including all the hiss and errors for a further processing stage. This makes this into a quite a nice bunch of tracks that is sometimes mere sketch like and sometimes is a more a worked out piece of music. The guitar as such is always to be recognized from the drones and carefull processing stages, making this a nice cross-over from the Windy & Carl like post rock into the areas of microsound and ambient glitch. Perhaps not exactely new either, but at least it is a bit different than what we are common with, and nicely done throughout.

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