Review of Ääniesineitä [12k1034]

Vital Weekly (NL)

Just in time for the shopping season: three new releases on 12k and one of the sub-division Line. Aaniesineita is the debut album of Finnish Antti Rannisto, following his 12″ for Audio.NL. That 12″ was a nice slab of minimal techno beat but for this CD he moves into a different territory – related to minimal techno, but taking matters a bit further. Working with sine wave material, chopped up into small blocks of sound, repeating, but always subtle shifting and moving. Certainly quite nice material, but not so surprising new or fresh. Much of what Rannisto does reminds the listener of Pan Sonic, or more specific Mika Vainio solo and of course Ryoji Ikeda. As such nothing new under the sun, despite the fact that Rannisto produced a well-made album. A bit too late perhaps.

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