Review of Status [12k1033]

Vital Weekly (NL)

The next release has been two years in the making and is a collaboration between Frank Bretschneider and Steinbruchel. Frank may need no introduction as his work has always been at the forefront of minimal electronics (and studied by people like Rannisto, I assume), but Steinbruchel has been at it for a period certainly as long, but never reaching the same level of appreciation. If you ever catched one of his releases and you know Bretschneider’s work, then you may have an idea what to expect for this collaboration. Ultra minimal rhythmic material, which lots of crackles, repeated hissing and deep bass sounds. Bretschneider more recent interest in dub related sounds become apparent in “Spektrum”. In all it’s a very nice album, even when, like Rannisto, it’s not something spectacular new.

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