Review of Chessa [12k1030]

Vital Weekly (NL)

This is the third release by Shuttle 358 for 12k, and continues where he left off with Frame. Shuttle 358’s Dan Abrams is also a photographer and for the eleven tracks he is inspired by his own photography of ‘real life’: stills of cars, stairs or parts of humans. Zooming in on a few aspects which is what he does for his photo’s but also in his music. Each of the eleven tracks is carefully built around a few sound elements, say a strumming of a guitar, which are then carefully moved around via computer processing. A tiny bit of clicks and cuts start to appear, but for 95% Shuttle 358 stays on a very safe ambient side of things. The result is a very unified sound, within each seperate track aswell as tracks relating to eachother. This makes this into a very nice and elegant CD with a particular gentle flow. Maybe in it’s genre not something that can be regarded as something very new, but nevertheless one of great beauty.

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