Review of Dust [12k1019]

Vital Weekly (NL)

Motion may not be a very well known name, even despite his self-released which was reviewed in Vital Weekly 269 and an unreviewed split 12″ with Matmos for Fat Cat, but luckily it caught the attention of Taylor Deupree, head honcho of 12k, who invited him for a next CD for his label. Now it’s released, and it’s a true beauty again. Eleven pieces in about 40 minutes means that Motion is a man of small wonders. His pieces consist usually of a few sounds, one or two movements and that’s it. You can hear the many different influences he soaked in: Oval of course, but also ambient music of the last thirty years and minimalism of the last fourty. He plays with his small pieces around, seemingely with great ease. Overall Motion is very quiet, almost in a Lopezian way, but using altogether a entirely different soundinput. Small sounds, great music. (FdW)

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