Review of Basal [12k1014]

Vital Weekly (NL)

Sogar is the name chosen by a German guy J├╝rgen Heckel, who lives in Paris and Basal is his first release. Apperentely he manipulates accidental sound, using guitars, mixing desks and amplifies and cables as instruments. Everything is then put into the holy computer for further sound treatment. Soft clicks, soft hiss and slowly faded soundscapes forms the music on this release. Quite ambient atmospheres here, but don’t be fooled. This has not much to do with ambient music as you may know it, but it extends the ambient music to the clicks and cuts movement, without having the 4/4 beats or the digital coldness found amongst some of those. Sogar is a less hectic Oval and a less poppy Stephan Mathieu, and a more coherent Shuttle358. Sogar found himself a nice spot among the best with a clear own sound. Great discovery of a new artist by a likewise great label. (FdW)

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